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Ecommerce Specialities

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ecommerce specialities

Website Traffic

Traffic is key for new business generation - I can help with increasing traffic through all your channels and introduce others.


Ensuring your customers are getting the right message at the right time is key - CRM is essential for any business looking to grow.

Ecommerce KPIs

What KPIs shoudl I work to to drive growth? This is one of the areas I focus on to identify what issues you have in terms of growth.

Customer Retention

Retaining customers is where many customers have a real challenge. I have implemented CRM programs to improve retention.

Website Trading

A good cycle plan is key to trading your website but are you giving away too much in discounts? Is shipping killing you? I can help.

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate channel is a channel which provides much opportunity - I have managed over 10 affiliate programs and can help yours.


PPC is a key marketing channel which can drive significant traffic and sales - I have managed multiple PPC campaigns with success.


How easily can your customers find yoru business and what needs to be changed to improve visibility?

Ecommerce Platforms

Is your platform the correct one or is it causing you problems? Will yoru platform allow for growth? I can help here

Growth Strategy

How is your business going to grow? My growth model takes a simplistic approach and has helped previous clients increase revenue.

About me

I am passionate and dedicated with over 12 years E-Commerce experience across a variety of sectors and disciplines – my particular speciality has been Retail Ecommerce. 
I understand the frustrations of small businesses and have consistently improved the Ecommerce performance of all my clients over the years – coming into your business and getting under the skin of the issues preventing growth is what I love to do. 

My background

Originally from Glasgow, I moved down to Manchester 20 years ago and had a pre Ecommerce career in Direct Marketing for various Financial Services companies. It was at one of these companies that, one day, my line manager asked the team who fancied managing this new website thing (at the time simply a standalone information site).
I volunteered and from then on saw the opportunity in this sector. I decided to move into Ecommerce and started managing customer acquisition campaigns for a few other banks and services companies before moving into Retail. 
In 2007 I moved back to Manchester after a spell in London to work for NBrown group (Simply Be, Marisota etc) and had a fabulous 6 years helping the company grow it’s online business from 10% to 55% online penetration. Managing multiple UK and International websites, this as a great grounding in usng KPIs focused data to drive increase sales and revenue. 
After 6 years, I wanted to take my experience of really trading websites successfully and apply that to small businesses which perhaps did not have the resource or skillsets. As Head of Ecommerce for 3 major UK retailers, I drove double digit revenue growth for all three. 
In 2016 I set up Redleafdigital to specifically focus focus on helping SMEs with their Ecommerce and since then have worked with some prestigious UK businesses such as BAT, The Conran Shop and The Fragrance Store

why hire redleafdigital?

  • 12 years Ecommerce experience in retail
  • Head of Ecommerce for 3 years - driving growth for 4 UK retailers
  • Ecommerce Consultant - focusing on growth strategies
  • Minimum of double digit growth for all 8 of last employers
  • Turnaround plans for "in distress" businesses
  • CIM / IDM and Google qualified

Recent Successes

166% increase in revenue YOY

17% increase in revenue YOY

45% increase in revenue YOY

-20% revenue growth to +10% YOY

25% increase in revenue YOY

- 23% to -10% YOY (distressed business)

35% increase in revenue YOY

40% increase in Loan sales YOY

10% to 55% online penetration

10% to 55% online penetration

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