• 5 key Digital Transformation Challenges

    Dominic Nov 29, 2018

    This year has been a tough one for retail as we all know with high street challenge on footfall, revenue growth, challenging business models and poor growth. All in all, it’s an Annus Horribilus for retail on the high street. This got me thinking about change in business and in particular business (and staff) aptitude more »

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  • Brand vs Non Brand traffic challenges

    Dominic Aug 31, 2018

    Brand traffic to your website is a good measure of whether or not your marketing activity is engaging with consumers and customers are engaging with your brand. However what you need to clarify is what exactly is meant by brand and non brand? Brand traffic  – brand traffic is anyone typing into Google your brand more »

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  • listening to customers

    Listening to your customers

    Dominic Aug 01, 2017

    I have been very busy recently working with a new retail client hence the lack of updates recently however as part of the work I am currently doing, I thought I would share some thoughts on one area of E-Commerce which both my new client and plenty of previous clients under invest in and one more »

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  • link building for small business

    5 link building strategies for Small Business in 2017

    Dominic Mar 28, 2017

    As a small business, you may very well find one of the biggest struggles being how to get quality traffic to your website – one of the most common issues for small businesses is link building and understanding what are the best ways to build your brand with SEO. Without knowing what the latest in more »

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  • why do brands fail FCUK

    French Connection and brand failure …

    Dominic Mar 16, 2017

    Consider where French Connection are just now – 9 years of losses, an owner who is the CEO and also the Chairman, shareholder revolt, apetite for change and continually uninspiring and under-performing ranges. Why are they in this position and how much is the brand perception to blame? Back in the day the CEO, Stephen more »

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  • 4 brand building tips for small businesses

    4 steps to consider when Brand Building

    Dominic Sep 28, 2016

    Brand building is essential for any small business – your company’s success this year and beyond depends on your ability to shape a brand: your career’s, product’s, department’s, or company’s. You can look at working with as many partners as possible and try to hoodwink Google however ultimately I believe you have to everything in more »

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  • Using Social Media to improve your local store presence

    Dominic Dec 21, 2015

    Social media has come to be one of the most essential marketing techniques for all types of businesses, including retailers to engage and communicate with customers and prospective customers. 2 billion people are now ‘active’ social media users across the Globe (The State of Social Media, Nov 2015) Although it may be difficult to establish more »

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  • How to manage your customer reviews and feedback

    Dominic Jul 15, 2015

    Customer feedback is becoming essential for many small retailers for a number of reasons. By listening to your customer problems you will be getting a valuable insight into how your products and services are being experienced by your customer base. Not only that but adding these reviews can enhance your brand presence not to mention more »

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  • How to prove Brand Bidding in Paid Search works

    Dominic Jul 13, 2015

    One of the many challenges small businesses have when taking their first steps into the world of using paid search advertising is trying to get board buy in as to why they should be bidding on their own brands. “Aren’t we wasting money if we are in that space anyway?* is something your Manager may more »

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