• I am passionate and dedicated with over 20 years E-Commerce experience across a variety of sectors and disciplines - my particular speciality has been Retail Ecommerce but have also worked with B2B. Over those 20 years, I have consistently delivered growth for both employers and clients in all aspects of Ecommerece - from Performance Marketing to Merchandising Strategies, Retention Strategies and Development Roadmaps.

    Whilst there are many specialist roles in the Ecommerce world, I have taken the skillsets developed in those roles over the years and can now combine that experience to provide a more commercial approach to your business using my Ecommerce Growth model. I can help your business grow by simplifying your performance and identifying where growth opportunities exist - I love helping clients build their businesses and deliver growth.


    My career trajectory has been very typical - starting off in Digital Marketing with companies like Santader, The Co-Operative Bank and NBrown, where I managed multiple trading websites globally. After that, for 8 years I was Head of Digital / Ecommerce for a number of retail businesses driving growth across multiple sectors.

    At this point, I wanted to setup my own business - Redleafdigtal - to provide short to medium term Ecommerce Consultancy to business who perhaps were struggling or needed some strategic support - companies ranging from British American Tobacco to The Conran Shop and Premier Farnell. I have also worked with other business providing advice on digital transformation - such as Notcutts.

    In recent years I have been operating at Director level for Premier Farnell who have been going through their own digital transformation - working with McKinsey and bringing new skillsets into the organization such as Data Science and Digital Experience Platform amongst others. With 20 years experience, I have seen huge change in the industry however I do believe that applying simple growth models in any business is the key to success - this is the approach I take for any business.


    Digital Growth Strategy

    Is your business stagnating or do you need help trying to understand where you can gain growth from your current setup? I can help map out a growth plan working with you to fully understand your sector, capabilities and aspirations.

    Digital Transformation

    Are you looking to understand how your business can change from a historical trading model and look at new ways to trade in the age of digital? I have worked with 4 businesses who have gone through such a transformation and can help with this challenging area.

    Customer Acquisition

    Is your customer database maturing or are you unsure how to maximize your new customer acquisition? Perhaps you need help understanding Lifetime Value of your new customers coming through? I can help you refine and improve your new customer acquisition rates.

    Customer Retention

    Perhaps your retention levels are dipping or you are losing too many customers at particular stages of their journey with you? Your retention model is key to maximizing sales from your existing customer base. I have improved many customer retention models in my time and can work with you to improve yours.

    Digital Marketing

    Do you fully understand your traffic channels and how to maximize ROI from each one? Do you understand how to fully get the most out of an affiliate program or how to get incremental value from joint SEO / Content programs? I have 20 years experience in digital marketing and can help you.


    Are you getting enough sales from organic traffic? The more organic traffic you get, the better your brand reach and the less expensive your marketing budget needs to be. I have implemented SEO campaigns and worked with SEO specialists to drive significant improvements to SEO campaigns.


    Is your website platform the correct one for your business? Are you fully maximizing it's effectiveness and getting the most out of it? I have worked with so many businesses who have made the wrong decisions in terms of platform investment and can help you understand your own capabilities.


    Do you have a capable roadmap to support your growth aspirations? Whether this is bespoke functionality, core conversion drivers on site or maybe development of more technical Agile Roadmaps / backlogs, I have delivered many roadmaps over the years based on supporting aspirations / strategies.


    Do you have international aspirations or perhaps you are struggling in certain territories? I have managed Globla Trading in a raft of companies as well as researching, managing and launching 6 different International sites in 3 different regions - I understand the challenges for International projects.

    KPI Models

    Any growth strategy needs to have a clear understanding of the KPIS being used by the business and a fuller deep dive into these KPIs - are they the correct ones or indeed do they need an overhaul based on re-alignment of business strategy - I can help you with defining this model


    Are you effectively merchandising your product and getting the most out of your product real estate? Are there merchandising gaps or perhaps data issues which do not support effective merchandising? I have a wealth of experience in helping drive upsells and cross sells for a number of businesses.

    "Dominic is a driven individual with the experience and personality to make a positive impact on your retail business. He demonstrates high energy and output and thats infectious in any team, but especially in E commerce. He brings with him the experience to challenge your current E commerce setup while nurturing the talent that already exists."

    Paul Brookes
    The Conran Shop

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