• I have a wealth of experience managing and implementing various Ecommerce platforms. From custom built platforms such as Yoursclothing to simpler systems using Shopify and Woocommerce, I have helped previous clients get the most out of their current platforms. The platform you choose should be dependent on your 3 - 5 year growth plans as a business - I can help with defining this and ensuring you choose the correct platform to match your business goals.



    You may be considering a new platform for your business in which case I can also help with the selection of a platform which is relevant for you. Too often I have seen companies commit to long contracts on the wrong  platform – I can help you choose the right one for your business.

    In addition to advising on the correct website platforms, I have undertaken 3 website re-platforms and re-designs in my career to date - with all 3 being seamless re-platforms and improving website according to pre defined criteria (eg reducing Bounce Rate). Below are a selection of platforms I have worked on, developed and some of whom I have re-platformed to other more suitable platforms.



    So you have decided what the correct platform is for your business, you re-platform and .... what now? Where is the growth? Choosing the platform is only one step - you now need to start looking at how you develop your platform with the correct tools and 3rd party integrations which will help drive your business growth.

    Whether managing 3rd party integrations, tagging or simply researching what functionality is out there which could drive growth, I can help and lead you through this crucial phase.

    I will work with you to develop an outline Web Dev roadmap to implement throughout the year. I would normally sit down with the business owners around 4 or 5 months before your financial year begins to start discussing what growth strategy you want to consider for the following year. From that discussion would come an outline cost for the dev work we are looking to implement.

    Once agreed and defined, I would work with you to manage the the testing and implementation of those development pieces plus measuring the impact of any new initiatives in the business.



    Your website development roadmap will probably contain a requirement for specific pieces of functionality which may be missing from your site or which can help convert more of your existing traffic. I have a wealth of experience in B2B and B2C at being able to come in and quickly assess what type of new functionality you may need to support the roadmap.

    In my 20 years of Ecommerce experience, I have managed the selection and implementation of a raft of new technology partners to support employer and client roadmaps. Below are just a selection of these partners.


    Available from 9am to 5pm