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Most small businesses may be skilled in running their business however they may not have the expertise in house to properly run and trade their own e-commerce operation. My background and speciality is in online retail and I have over 12 years experience in working in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. 
As an E-Commerce Consultant, I can help you achieve your business goals by firstly sitting down to understand what your goals are.
You may be a new business or indeed an established retailer who is looking to take their business to the next level however cannot understand why you are not driving more sales. 
If you recognize any of these then perhaps you should get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you?

"My website traffic is flatlining

If so I have great experience in new customer recruitment - and knowing what is the best method to employ to get that traffic to your site cost efficiently within your budgets and targets. In an E-Commerce environment nowadays there are a wealth of channels you could look at to drive new customer traffic.I have worked in companies where I have helped drive traffic increases of 43% year on year - through additional recruitment channels, organic brand growth and social campaigns.

"My conversion rate is low"

It is essential you keep an eye on your conversion rate and identify any issues your customers may be experiencing on your site - eg in the checkout process. I have undertaken various reviews for companies to address poor conversion rate and often it points to perhaps a poor product offer or a product above the market price. You need to understand what is important for your customers and what their triggers are to purchase. Either way I can help you identify your problems and help you improve your conversion rate.

"How do get more from my customers?"

You could have a database of a few thousand or hundreds of thousands - but are you mining that database effectively and getting the most out of it when communicating with your existing customers? I will review what you are currently doing and identify gaps or activity which you may not be doing presently that I know from experience will help your sales. A lot of small businesses I speak to really have no idea of their customer database volume nor how to mine it effectively. If you want to get that second order or ensure your database setup is good then get in touch.

"How can I improve how I trade?"

You may have a few hundred products on your site but no real method of range planning or know how to co-ordinate all your weekly and monthly trading activity. Is your E-Commerce team working effectively with your buyers? I know what an effective model is for trading and I can bring my experience to your company and really help with better trading - both to your existing customer base and with new customer acquisition. Ultimately you should know what your category mix is and plan accordingly based on your YOY growth targets and how you are going to hit those targets.

"How do I increase my AOV?"

Every business wants their customers to buy more. But how do you do this? How do you get your customers to buy more? There are a number of ways you can do this effectively and it need not break the bank in development costs. Your email program for example could help increase AOV - or how about upsell and cross sell tests at basket / checkout? I can help you by recommending and helping you implement these tactics.

"My Cost Per Acquisition is too high"

Are you getting the most from your recruitment channels? Is you message hook backed up by your on site product range or experience? If you  are generating high traffic volumes but low sales / conversion then by default your CPS will be high. I can help you understand your individual channels and help you with overcoming problems which may be affecting CPA. I have worked with retailers who were recruiting new customers at a CPA of around £5 and with others (larger companies) who have been prepared to spend up to £60. I can help you understand your CPA.

"My Cart Abandonment is too high"

Making your customer's journey to your checkout as seamless as possible is a key aim of any online retailer. Anything which conflicts with that aim or does not help your customer convert will impact your cart abandonment rate. There are many ways you can track cart abandonment and many ways to prevent abandonment. Perhaps offer discount if they trade up their cart or offer a gift? You could look at testing messaging within the checkout process to ensure they complete? Either way I can help you with your business and aim to reduce those cart abandon rates.

With over 12 years in e-commerce and a lot of that in online retail, I have come across a variety of solutions and tactics which have helped me with some of the above problems. I want to help YOUR business so get in touch with me today.

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