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Marketplaces (Ebay and Amazon) – 177% YOY increase in sales

As I refocused on optimizing the channel and improving feed content, descriptions and promotional offers across inventory were also identified as a priority. The inventory being pushed out to Ebay also increased with an extra 30% SKUs. Ebay is a very demanding marketplace to work with and it was essential also to improve our reputation which I focused on with improved customer service and turnaround times.

43% YOY increase in Revenue

One of the things I really enjoy is coming into small businesses and identifying just what is and is not being done to drive forward their E-commerce growth – in this example I was able to come in and quickly establish multiple ways to improve both traffic to the site and trading of the site to drive sales forward significantly - from introducing new recruitment channels to improved cross sell and upsell opportunities

Strategy change drives an extra £1.3 million in revenue with the same budget

The devil is in the detail as they say! When proposing any significant changes to strategy, it is essential that the data backs up the proposal. As I mentioned above, the Paid Social channel was heavily relied on to drive growth but return was poor.

I wanted to get marketing spend back to more realistic budgets whilst still driving grow - with a £500k return on £220k budget, I was worried that by pulling back on Paid Social, assisted conversions may have been affected however, after looking in Analytics, assisted conversions only drove an extra 16% in revenue - so still not cost effective! My proposal then was to pull back on Paid Social, invest in RAF and forecasted an extra £1.3 million in revenue.

Introduced RAF program to drive extra 15k new customers

As a fashion brand, Pink Boutique relied quite heavily on Paid Social ads as a new channel which was liked by the owner. The problem was that this only drive a ROAS of 2:1 - very poor! With the marketing budget becoming uncomfortably high, I looked at how we could reduce budget but drive same , if not better, revenue performance.

I recomended a new channel - RAF - which would drive ROAS of 6:1. Not only that but Paid Social was not a new customer recruitment channel - it typically drove a £33 CPA (very high!). I recommended we pull back Paid Social spend to accomodate a £27k cost to introduce a RAF program - which would drive new customer CPA at £8 - much more cost effective! Not only that, but introducting a RAF program would bring in 15k extra new customers in the year.

Revenue increase from 7% to 21% within 1 year

I helped this small business achieve these impressive results in a number of ways. When I started working with them, the focus was on trading the online operation on a week in week out basis, with no planning, no real brand identity and limited recruitment channels. There as was a huge opportunity to really turn them into a go to brand in their sector as well as apply a more rigirous trading calendar to drive growth.

Website visits up by 36% within one year

Yoursclothing had a phenomenal year in terms of how much their business turned round from a small retailer with limited reach in a localized area to become a real challenge to their main competitors. The above increase in site visits was achieved a number of ways however the biggest increase was not in the traffic we paid for via additional recruitment channels but from the rise in organic traffic which came from the real focus on moving away from a small company into developing a “brand”.

Paid search sales – 26% YOY increase in sales

This was delivered by reviewing account structure and account setup from bottom up. The account had been set up a few years previously and needed a complete overhaul. This improvement in performance specifically came from a combination of overhauling the brand campaign, introducing new category level campaigns and introducing Google Shopping feed.

Affiliate sales – 103% YOY increase in sales

Achieved by a complete overhaul of the affiliate channel and stripping out non performing affiliates as well as concentrating the focus on those affiliates who could help deliver targets. In addition a concerted effort was made to build out the reputation of the company with affiliates by engaging with the blogger community.

Introduced ECRM program leading to increase of 25% on second orders

Your customer database is possibly the single most important asset to your company and you need to manage that database effectively and in such a way that your customer feels valued. Gone are the days where you send out blanket emails to your database – any small business can easily set up a simple CRM program aimed at sending your database timely but effective emails based on their behaviour. I set this up at TOFS which drove a 25% increase in 2nd orders within 1 month of launch.

SEO strategy overhaul saving £36,000 from budget

A much misunderstood and continually changing part of e-commerce, I have seen on quite a few occassions companies coming into small businesses and almost hoodwinking them into SEO services which are either “black hat” or simply would never be effective for that business. In this case, YOurs were working with one such company - it was only when doing a deep dive into the quality of the links that I could see the negative impact they were having on the brand (they incurred a Google Penalty).

Introduced ECRM program driving extra 20% in revenue

Working with a recent client, I reviewed their historical Email setup and rceommended looking at more mini segments - targetting offers and content dynamically to smaller customer segments as well as mapping out typical purchase behaviour in order they could improve contact relevance. The result was and an increase in email revenue by 20% within a few weeks.

Local SEO increase of 500%

I audited each part of the Ecommecre setup and put a growth strategy to gether addressing all the shortcomings. One of the issues they had was a very poor local SEO presence - despite having close to 100 stores. After a period of focus on improving the local presence of each store, we managed to get greater visibility locally - resulting in more store visits, more calls and more website visits

Introduced KPI driven model to drive growth

Every Ecommerce team needs to understand and agree key KPIS being used in order they can establish where the business is at that moment in time and also what they need to focus on to grow. BAT had purchased a Vaping business which had been in decline - with a team low on morale and no clear path for growth. Along with introducing various avenues to grow, one of my initial areas to focus on was defining the KPIs we are working to - in order we can estblish what needs to be actioned to grow.

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